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1946 – 1960

Pioneered the introduction of many multinational
pharmaceutical companies in India and introduced several vital
medicines including Anti-Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccine in 1948
for the first time in India.

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1961– 1970

In 1961, the Founder & Mentor of NOVO Medi Sciences
Pvt. Ltd., Mr. R. C. Bhagat introduced Oral Polio vaccine for
the first time in India
from Dr. Albert Sabin in Russia,
the inventor of Oral Polio vaccine.

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1971 - 1980

Introduced a number of super-specialty products such as
Aprotinin, Penicillamine, Measles vaccine,

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1981 - 1990

Continued the introduction of niche formulations such as
Levodopa + Carbidopa, Vincristine Sulphate,
Human Diploid Cell Rabies Vaccine, MMR Vaccine,
Meningococcal A&C vaccine, Streptokinase,

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1991 - 2000

Transformed into a big player in
11 major therapeutic segments

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2001 - 2010

Designed and built state-of-the-art five manufacturing facilities with
fully automated, PLC-controlled manufacturing lines - Oncology
factory, Cephalosporin Factory, Infertility Hormone factory, Specialty
Injectable & Prefilled Syringe factory and Solid & Liquid oral
All factories are compliant to USFDA, TGA, UK MHRA

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2011 onwards

The Founder & Mentor of NOVO Medi Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Mr. R. C. Bhagat was felicitated for
his humanitarian work and contribution towards making India Polio Free. NOVO launched the
Next Generation Varicella Vaccine for the first time in India.

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Welcome to NOVO Medi Sciences

The corporate philosophy of “To create awareness regarding importance of vaccine in human life & serve human race with quality vaccines at affordable price to optimize quality of life.”
NOVO Medi Sciences boasts of having over 70 years of experience in manufacturing, performing clinical trials,
registration, import, marketing and distribution of specialty pharmaceutical products.