As per WHO, approx. 140 million cases of Varicella are reported, with 4.2 million severe complications and 4,200 death worldwide.

1,269 Chickenpox outbreaks (27,257 cases) have been reported in India between 2015 and 2021.

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About Chickenpox

What is Chickenpox?

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Treatment and Management

Preventing Chickenpox:
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What is Chickenpox?

  • Chickenpox is an infection that causes a skin rash.
  • The disease is caused by a virus called the varicella-zoster virus.
  • Most people will get infected by the virus when they are young or have not been vaccinated against the Chickenpox vaccine.

The virus is spread by:

  • Coming in contact with someone who has Chickenpox.
  • Breathing air from an infected person who sneezes or coughs.


  • The classic symptom of Chickenpox is a rash that turns into itchy, fluid-filled blisters that eventually turn into scabs. The rash may first show up on the chest, back, and face and then spread over the entire body, including inside the mouth, eyelids, or genital area. It usually takes about one week for all of the blisters to become scabs.
  • Other typical symptoms that may begin to appear one to two days before the rash include:


  • The diagnosis of Chickenpox is primarily based on the signs and symptoms. Healthcare providers can often look at a child's skin and know if they have Chickenpox.
  • Confirmation is by examination of the fluid within the vesicles, scraping of lesions that have not been treated, or by blood for proof of an acute immunologic response.
  • Blood tests are used to identify a response to acute infection (IgM), previous infection, and subsequent immunity (IgG).

Treatment and Management

Avoid scratching

  • Scratching can cause scarring, slow healing, and increase the risk that the sores will become infected. If your child can't stop scratching:
    • Put gloves on his or her hands, especially at night.
    • Trim his or her fingernails.

Relieve the itch and other symptoms

  • The Chickenpox rash can be very itchy, and broken vesicles sometimes sting. For relief, try:
    • A soft, bland diet if Chickenpox sores develop in the mouth.
    • A cool bath with added baking soda.
  • However, it is always a good idea to discuss any concerns you may have with your healthcare provider.