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NEXIPOX™ Live Attenuated Varicella vaccine (OKA Strain)

NEXIPOXTM is a live-attenuated varicella vaccine which contains the Oka-strain of the attenuated varicella-zoster virus. The strain used in NEXIPOXTM is VR 795 Oka strain, from American Type Cell Culture (ATCC). NEXIPOXTM (Varicella Virus Vaccine Live) is a vaccine indicated for active immunization for the prevention of varicella. Each 0.5ml vial/dose of Varicella vaccine containing Oka strain 2000 PFU should be administered by subcutaneous injection.

  • NEXIPOXTM is the world’s only varicella vaccine having the shelf life of 36 months. Vaccine should be stored in refrigerator and transported with cold chain in dark between +2°C. to + 8°C.
  • NEXIPOXTM is the only varicella vaccine powered with ‘WHO’ recommended TREHALOSE.
  • Breakthrough rate of NEXIPOXTM since 2008 was observed to be less than 0.01% after a single dose vaccination and 0% breakthrough cases were reported after 2 dose vaccination.
  • NEXIPOXTM has DCGI approval to be administered from 12 months, i.e. 1 year & above for pediatric, adolescent & adult immunization.